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Wiatrówki - Beretta 92 FS - safety warning

raf_kichu - 2005-09-14, 11:55
Temat postu: Beretta 92 FS - safety warning
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Crosman has recently discovered a potential safety problem with the model Beretta 92 air pistol which was manufactured by Umarex in Germany from May/June 2003 through December 2004.

We believe some of the air pistols may have the potential to fire when “on safe” if a blow is delivered to the hammer, such as when the air pistol would be dropped. If the air pistol is charged and loaded and is pointed in an unsafe direction, there could be a risk of personal injury, especially to the eye.

If your Beretta 92 air pistol has a serial number beginning with “H3” or “H4” your air pistol may have this problem. If your air pistol has such a serial number, please stop using it. Please return the air pistol for repair or replacement to :

Crosman Corporation
Attention - Warranty Beretta 92
Routes 5 & 20
East Bloomfield, NY 14443

Ciekawe czy Polski dystrybutor cos wie w tej kwestii.

ravkill - 2005-09-14, 12:02

Ino co ma Crossman do Umarexa? Oni są powiązani kapitałowo? Czy to poprostu "Warning" na produkty konkuremcji :)
raf_kichu - 2005-09-14, 12:06

Z tego co widze chodzi jednak o Umarexa.

link pt "Important safety notice"

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